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FAQs Bikini Waxing

How does it work? What is waxing, exactly?

Wax is warmed to a gooey consistency. It is not hot & it doesn’t burn the skin. Using a wooden stick that looks a lot like a ruler, the warm wax is spread on the chosen hairy part of your body.

The next step varies depending on whether you choose to have a hot wax or strip wax.

With a strip wax a clean white cloth is pressed down on top of the warm wax and the cloth is quickly pulled off, your hair comes with it. It’s kind of like pulling off a plaster on a hairy arm. 

With hot wax there is no cloth! This wax only sticks to your hairs and not the skin. This means when wax is pulled off, your hair comes with it and your skin has less irritation. 

Does it hurt?

If you go to a reputable spa like Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics, we can work quickly which means less pain for you and an experience that is over in mere seconds. 

If you are concerned about any discomfort please look at our Laser hair removal page. Laser produces a very warm sensation during treatment and the hair reduction lasts on average from one to five years, during which point typically only a few hairs will come back (dependent on a variety of factors).

How long does it last?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, a wax can last anywhere from one and a half to six weeks. Some people think the hair grows back finer or softer — this is because waxing removes hair at the root and there’s no stubble. Plus, all hair grows at a different rate so when your hair grows back there appears to be less of it at once, and it seems softer.

Do I need to trim before I go in?


Your body hair must be at least 5mm long to get a great result from waxing.

Laser can be done at any stage which is why it is quickly becoming the most popular hair removal procedure. 

Will Waxing hurt the next day?

Your bikini area may be a little sensitive the next day, although some clients do not notice any sensitivity at all.

Why Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics?

Our professional staff can be trusted and will make you feel comfortable. We operate many medical beauty devices and have reams of qualifications. Most people have laser treatment but some need a quick fix and opt for a wax at points in their social calendar (holidays, swimming) so we provide this service as well.

Still not sure? Call our salon and have us do a test strip. We will wax a little place on your arm to see what it feels like and how your skin reacts.

What is a full bikini? Classic? Brazilian?

When it comes to bikini waxing there are a number of options available.

The classic bikini wax as described above is the most basic option available and removes any hairs outside of the panty-line.

The G-string wax is a higher bikini wax at a level between the brazillian and the basic bikini wax.

The G-string+ option is as described above with the option of including the peri-anal area also.

The brazillian wax removes all hair apart from a strip/triangle at the front.

The Hollywood/full wax removes all hair.

When you visit Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics we can explain the available options, but displayed below are some of the most common shapes.bikini line options  prices EDITED