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Male Waxing Q&A's

What is waxing?

Waxing is a method of epilation i.e. removal of hairs. Here at wimbledon clinic aesthetics, we use a combination of strip wax (efficient for larger areas) and non-strip/ Hot wax (for more sensitive and smaller areas).

The wax is warmed in a professional wax heater and then applied in a thin layer using a one-use-only spatula. A paper / cloth strip is then pressed into the wax, and removed very quickly – leaving clean and fresh skin.

For non-strip wax it is applied similarly, but a little thicker and then allowed to harden for a few seconds, there is no strip (the clue is in the title!) and then the wax is removed.

Exactly what are all the steps involved?

you’ll want to know exactly why, and what’s coming next. No surprises!

  • Cleanse; the area to be waxed. Make sure the skin is freshly clean, and that the hair I am about to remove is free from natural oils so the wax gets a good grip.
  • Barrier; a light oil is then used to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin.
  • Wax; on it goes! It is nearly always in the direction of growth. We’ll agree on the temperature of the wax on a hairless bit of you like the inside of your wrist.
  • Strip; if necessary, a cloth or paper strip is firmly rubbed on.
  • Remove; the wax, (strip,) and hair! Speed is our friend here - your mum was telling the truth about pulling off a plaster!
  • Pressure; I will put some gentle pressure on your skin to quieten the nerves and soothe, just for a second or two.
  • Oil; after oil is used to clean any traces of wax.
  • Cleanse; last time!
  • Lotion; I will apply some great lotion that keeps the skin clean and cares for you after you’ve left the room. Intimate treatments include a small tube of this that you can take away for free.

What can I do to help?

Exfoliate your skin in the treatment area with a clean loofah or mitt gently for a couple of days beforehand. This ensures the your skin is as free as possible from dead skin, and helps the hairs to stand up, ready for removal.

If possible, please arrive a few minutes ahead of your appointment, and freshly showered if you can. I know it’s not always possible.

There are some wipes which you can use privately whilst you are preparing for your treatment.

You will need to move around a little, and your therapist will show you where you need to be - it’s a team effort for some treatments!

You will be asked to help stretch the skin in the area of waxing. This can range between you raising your knee a little bit, to holding on to something far more important!

How do you know what I want waxing? Can you do this bit, and that bit too?

When you book, you need to tell us what you are likely to have done. This is so I can reserve the correct amount of time and get the right practitioner. As these times are booked adding things areas last minute is difficult. However if you want to add area then phone a few hours before and reception will see if there is time to expand your appointment length.

How long does hair need to be before you can wax?

The wax products need about 5-10 mm of hair to grip (a bit more than a ¼ inch in old money). Varied results will be achieved with shorter hairs, but after the second treatment, much more of your hair will be growing at the same rate and the results will be more consistent. If your hair is longer or just natural – then please don’t clipper or shave in advance – your therapist will do whatever is necessary.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some say it is uncomfortable, but it is only for a brief moment, and your therapist is determined to minimise any instant of discomfort.

The short answer is, probably ‘yes’, but just a little and only for second or two – and the big bonus is that the more you do it – the less it hurts!

If you are really worried, about pain of waxing or just don’t like the idea of a monthly wax then we offer a more permanent solution which is pain free called Soprano laser hair removal. It is more expensive and takes a little time but the results will last for years and years and there is little to no sensation at all. Click here to see Soprano Information

But ‘ouch’, I’ve seen those videos on the net!

  • They only seem to use retail products vs professional
  • I’ve not seen any that use proper hygiene procedures
  • There’s no pre-cleanse or pre-wax process
  • The strips aren’t applied properly
  • The removal of the strips is incorrect
  • Critically, no pressure is applied after strip removal
  • There is no aftercare lotion
  • They seem to be filmed for sadistic amusement

Should I shave or use clippers first?

No, it’s not necessary, and may slow down or prevent your waxing treatment. Any long hair, or hair that you want managed can be discussed and clippers will be used where necessary.

What about intimate areas?

These can be organised and are done by a specific therapist. Please ask at front desk and we will get back to you about available dates and times.

 In your first session to the clinic there might be a chaperone in the room with the therapist for obvious safety reasons. Some people prefer to bring a girlfriend along.

How long does it take?

The average back can be done in about 15 - 20 minutes. Allow a few minutes for aftercare advice, and another 5 for a consultation if this is the first time we’ve met.

How long does it last?

We’re all different, but on average - plan for a 4 week cycle for best results.

I’ve got a holiday / bodybuilding competition / modelling session / special date / wedding

You should plan ahead! For best results, allow for at least 2 treatments spaced at about 4 weeks apart (less if you are very hirsute or a fast grower) and a week afterwards to make sure your skin is in tip top condition.

I have been using a steroid medication (either direct on my skin or by mouth).

These types of drug can cause the skin to thin and not withstand the waxing process. Tearing a layer of skin off with the wax would not be funny, and therefore, please be open and honest with your therapist at your consultation. The body needs at least three months to recover from these drugs.

I have been using Roaccutane for acne.

This is a very serious drug. Unfortunately it can cause severe dryness and like steroid medication increase the fragility of the skin. Waxing can only be performed after your skin has had at least six months (or perhaps longer in some cases) to recover.

I’ve got sunburn, new scar, new tattoo, rash, mole, etc.

There are some skin conditions that can’t be waxed at all, and there are some we’ll just work around. We’ll work it out at your consultation!