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Name: Clare, 25

Skin type: II

Ethnicity: British/IrishClare case study

Sessions completed: 7 (legs), 5 (bikini)

Medical conditions: Mild Eczema

Hi my Name is Clare,

 I am a marketing manager in the City of London. I have waxed my legs and bikini area for as long as I can remember. I spent a long time to deciding about whether to try Laser. My indecision was mainly because I was scared about negative results but I always want to do it because the potential results. A friend had come to Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics and her good experience prompted me to go for it.

Currently I’ve had Soprano laser hair removal done at Wimbledon Clinic Aesthetics.

It took 3 sessions till I could see ‘big’ difference but the hair now hasn’t grown back in 4 months on my legs and is sparse around bikini line, although I am only ¼ way through treatment on my bikini. So I am a very happy Clare at the moment.

I have quite dark hair and fair skinned but my hair grows so fast and is very visible against my complexion. Whenever I had waxes previously they would last a week, max, before I noticed hair growth.

About three Soprano Laser treatments in to my legs course I decided to add in my bikini line.

I did not feel any pain in the upper leg at all. Although the lower legs got a very warm around shin and ankle, I wouldn’t call it pain! It was like a very warm radiator or holding a mug of hot chocolate & there was no pain afterwards.

According to Raimonda, my practitioner, it should last for two – four years and after that only a few hairs are likely to grow back, she mentioned something about hormone changes that may affect the grow back time but said because of my age I would be unlikely to experience these problems.

My experience so far!...... I would say my legs experienced fantastic change but my bikini has really made me feel great, everything is easy this summer. I don’t have to worry about holiday beauty prep and I couldn’t even find my shaver the other day. So - a very good experience.