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Name: Kevin,28italian man portrait

Skin type: III

Ethnicity: English- Italian

Sessions completed: 3

Medical conditions: - none

When I went to university I found the odd hair on my back which mad me feel self-conscious. 1 ½  years ago I decide that I wanted a solution that was permanent.

I did a groupon for six sessions of IPL by the 3rd session there was a reduction but I went on holiday and missed the 4th session and after 8 weeks the hair was back without much change. I was not very happy and decided to explore some more options and noticed that laser was a better treatment.

I looked around, and found a clinic that offered the Laser Soprano device because I had seen it on TV.

I am happy to say I am on my 3rd  session and have had 10 weeks gap and as yet no hairs at all.

The treatment was very nice actually much nicer than the IPL I had previously. There is a sensation but it’s more like heat than a pluck. I would describe it like a very warm hot water bottle.