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Name: Dipti, 31asian girl with wimb aestheic book

Skin type: IV

Ethnicity: Indian

Sessions completed: 6

Medical conditions: PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

2 years ago the Dr told me my problems conceiving were due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

As if the other problems weren’t bad enough hair started to grow on my upper lip and cheeks. I had to shave every day. After a year the constant irritation of shaving & bleaching caused a rash that I had to hide with make-up. This was such a bore that I decide to look for another option.

 I decided to try laser hair removal. First session I was a little bit scared, because my skin is darker and it’s my face. I had a patch test and was surprised that it actually is pain free. I was told that the actual treatment would feel warmer even a hot feeling.

Raimonda was right; the first treatment was warm to hot but only on the cheeks as I was told before she started that area. On the next few session I was surprised that this no longer happened. I was told it was because there was now less hairs in that area.

I’ve just completed my 6th treatment on my face and I’ve been really pleased with results. We have now left the sessions 3 months apart and I only have 2-3 single hairs at edge of upper lip.