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girls clear back mediumSTEP 1: Ask around your friends or partner see if they are fed up with painful waxes and want a painless permanent hair solution instead.

STEP 2: Ask your friend to come in for FREE patch test, to make sure they are suitable for therapy.

STEP 3: Choose area/areas you and friend want treated (mix or match)

STEP 4: Choose whether you want to pay up-front or for larger body areas spread the cost with a no lose re-payment plan.

STEP 5: Once you have both had a patch test and are ready to pay you BOTH get up to 27% OFF package price.

"Pay Together - Save Together" Saving Examples


 Use "Pay Together - Save Together" With Other Offers to Add 5% Discount - Ask for Details

pay together save together example full Legs 27off

pay together save together example full back 27off