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Interest Free Credit Plus ‘Hormonal Hair Care Membership’ is only for male or female hormonal hair and cases deemed to be grade 5  hirturism or above:

This membership was specifically set up to help people with polycystic ovary syndrome/disease, however we have recently expanded the scheme to males and females with excessive genteric hair growth.

 To enter Wimbledon Clinic aesthetics Hormonal Hair Care Membership you have to fall within the following critia:

  • Diagnosed with Poly cystic ovary syndrome, Cushings syndrome, Post menopausal by a Dr.
  • Grade 5 (genetic traits) hirturism (this will be assessed by your practitioner) if you think you may suffer then please book in for a consultation by phone.
  • Completed a recommended plan of care (6-8 treatments) at our clinic at any price.

If you fall within the criteria you can enter our membership without joining fee which cost £20-40 per month (direct debit) and entitles you to 2-4 sessions on hormonally effected areas (e.g. Upper lip, Chin + Jaw Line) and 40% off any extra area you wish to add at the same time as other treatment (list price only, this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer)