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Hormonal Facial Hair

Hormonal facial hair is an emotional drain for many women, as a once perfect skin can suddenly and indiscriminately be ravaged by facial hair, regardless of age. If you are one of the many such women you know how this feels.

There is a NEW SOLUTION that has Won Gold at Aesthetic Awards (2012 & 2013) and it’s called Soprano Laser Hair Removal.

Soprano is unquestionably the best defence against Hormonal facial hair due to its pain-less application (SHR mode) and its special unique wave length. See video page for more information or click SHR button in sidebar.

We like to be clear to hormonal hair suffers:  Your growth is governed by a hormone call FSH that stimulates growth of new follicles; you as a sufferer will have more of this hormone. However, Soprano Laser offers the best results of reduction. There is also likely to be a harder battle to control hair compared to non-hormonal hair suffer but be reassured you will have very best control and reduction method to fight this condition with the Soprano.

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Most patients see an almost complete drop in weekly need to shave, wax, and pluck area after a course of treatment. Meaning the weekly cost of razors threading or plucking sessions soon makes soprano treatment give good return on investment both in time and cost.

We agreed that this battle can be and sound tiresome which is why after a course of therapy we dramatically drop the cost of maintenance sessions by offering a Hormonal Hair Care Plan to diagnosed Hirsutism as long as the cause is hormone https://canadarxcenter.com/kamagra excess.

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